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The Locker Room

Our Mission is to provide a success story for every young individual.

The Locker Room began with one ambition:
to provide success stories for every young individual.

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Many families share similar stories of their students being unsure of what to do with themselves when high school ends. There are so many options, it can be overwhelming for kids and parents.

Continued educational training is a necessary investment for your young adult’s future. It creates the vital building blocks they need for a solid career, and it helps develop them into fulfilled adults in our society.

We want to build not only your student’s academic and athletic success but also their personal character. We firmly believe that good character is an essential trait to succeed in life.

We believe in “Growing the Good” in ourselves, in the people around us, and in the world.

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We believe that every family is different and should be treated uniquely. Higher education should be accessible to families of all backgrounds. Opportunities should be available to meet every individual in their unique points of need to provide a pathway for their success.

We believe that every child should be included in the opportunities available through a college education and that those opportunities can provide them with the pathway to a rewarding career and a fulfilling lifestyle. As we multiply the success of our next generation, we will build more peaceful, positive, and thriving communities.

We believe that every family is equally important and that every child should have a meaningful place to belong in our society. We want to help every child develop into a young adult through available opportunities where they can define their success as an adult to live a happy and fulfilling lifestyle as a part of a thriving community.


Why Choose The Locker Room?

Underdogs have a special place in our hearts. We want to provide exciting, new opportunities for those who may not have the resources.

With our competitive pricing, direct collegiate connection building, and mentoring that can last a lifetime, we want to work with you and your family to create a positive and lasting impact on your child’s future.



We know that price and value are important to you. That’s why we put our service cost on the front page. We want to be upfront with you so you can avoid hidden costs and tiered services.

For $40/month or $400/year, we provide you with access to all of our tools to help your child truly succeed.

We lead with a hands-on approach to creating success for your young adults. Our program includes access to our talented team of sports and academic strategists to keep your student on track. Our strategists work with college coaches and college administrators to showcase your student’s athletics, academic success, and character to put them ahead. We also schedule college visits and tours and make sure to create connections on campus to give them a competitive edge.

We will work diligently to help raise scholarships and grants that will bring costs into an affordable range while ensuring they get the education they deserve. We want your student to cultivate a successful life and fulfilling career while building good character.