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The Team

Learn more about the people helping young athletes build a brighter future.

Every team member of The Locker Room has the heart to change the world one young individual at a time.

Our leaders and strategists work with individual athletes in harmony with their families to bring out the best, teach new skills, and enhance talents both on the field and in the classroom. Join our family and make your future come into focus. The future you envision is within your grasp!

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Roger Dickson

Founder & CEO / Baseball Strategist

For many years, I have worked with kids in various sports programs. I’ve always been interested in helping kids build character and confidence through sports. Realizing that not all kids have an equal opportunity due to their socio-economic status and the resources available to them, we began brainstorming ideas on how to help the younger generation, by providing tools for success that were not available to us as young people. As we began working this idea, we realized we could do even more than we originally dreamed by building a platform to help parents and youth connect with people in the fields of sports, academics, etc., bringing them together to help every young person achieve their goals. The Locker Room is our dream turned into a reality — it will be the Gold Standard!

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Dr. Mack Durham

Chief Operating Officer

Dr. Mack Durham comes to us with an expansive background of business development, healthcare, and public service. Having served in his community for over a decade, including seven years as the mayor of Williamston, SC, Dr. Durham’s passion for personal and community development is self-evident. As a small-town mayor, he worked to unify his community and bring economic development to his town. His administration also initiated policies of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace. 

As a chiropractic physician, he holds a holistic view of the world as an interconnected community of diverse people who are all equally important to our collective success. He believes that as we grow others in their pursuit of success, we also grow ourselves. Dr. Durham is excited and honored to be able to leverage his experience to contribute to the future of our youth.


Scott Dooley

Chief Sports Recruiting Officer


Kevin McBride



Robyn Grable

Human Resource Officer


Michelle Albrecht

VP of Operations


Jane McBride

VP of Customer Service


Kevin Marsee

Background Adjudicator


Beverly Griffin

VP of Training & Development

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David Huskey

Sales Director / Football Strategist

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Jacob Lord

National Director of Golf

tlr team-mccallie

McCallie Winstead

Soccer Strategist

tlr team-brooke

Brooke Carson

Softball Strategist

tlr team-justin

Justin Mills

Lacrosse Strategist

tlr team-lindsay

Lindsay Cool

Volleyball Strategist

Waypost Marketing Support Team

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Product Developer & Director of Business Technology

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Marketing Strategist

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Marketing Coordinator

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Creative Director

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Production Designer



Discovery Lead